All of these issues are minor, cosmetic and easily taken care of. I list these problems here so there are no surprises for people who may what to buy from out of state. With the other classics I have sold I found that the more honest and straightforward you are up front the more people are willing to purchase from longer distances. It merits reminding that this is a 36 year old truck, and that the original restoration is several years old. Small imperfections like these are unavoidable.

There are paint imperfections on the body, although nothing larger than a pencil eraser. I already took the truck into a body shop to touch up most of these imperfections, but the ones below are still noticeable.

There is one bubble under the paint in the front corner of the passenger side door.

There is a quarter size area of the front bumber where the chome is pealing.

There is paint overspray at the bottom sill of the drivers door.

There is a paint crack on the passenger side door handle.

The seams for the braces under the cowl hood have expandable foam in them to keep them from making noise, but it looks sloppy.

The rear area where the carpet ends at the tailgate needs a cover of some type, I am not happy with how it looks when open.