The engine is a strong running 1970 bored 307 V8 with a 4 barrel Holley Carb sitting on it. The cam gives the engine a decent lope, and with the "Power Pack" heads (casting #3884520 with triangle under number) this engine really sounds and runs like a champ. The headers and dual 2.5" pipes dump out the sides behind the rear wheels.

This and the 4-Speed Saginaw transmission on the floor really throw you back into your seat (see pictures of trans here). Haven't had it on a dyno, but a safe guess is 300+ horsepower. At full throttle this power plant will set off car alarms and scare the hell out of your friends and neighbors.

The engine is dressed up with billet valve covers, breather and air cleaner, flames included. Truck comes with the following new parts:

  • New starter with heat shield.
  • New Optima red top battery ($130).
  • New braided fuel line.
  • New fuel pump.
  • New complete wiring harness kit from LMC truck ($285), not installed but will come with the truck.

Here are 10 pictures for you.

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