This 59 Apache is painted in a stunning dark metallic blue from PPG (Delstar Acrylic Enamel DAR 2472). When you have it in the sun the metallic flakes really dance, and it is an amazing combo with all the chrome and polished trim. The pictures speak for themselves... The paint job is about 7 years old so it is not perfect by any means, but it would take very little to make this truck a winner at any classic auto show.

The large panoramic rear window makes this truck model much more sought after when compared to the small window model. When you are cruising this truck down the road there is almost no blind spot, and you can see out as well as everyone can see in - this helps to keep track of all the stares, "thumbs up" and "beautiful truck" comments you will be getting. The glass has a light tint all around, and the huge windows make this truck a real pleasure to drive.

The chrome and trim on this truck are amazing - a real work of art. It comes with the Deluxe Chrome Trim Package, including the extremely rare bedside trim. In the years I have been a classic truck collector, I have never seen a complete set of this bedside chrome trim for sale, so I don't know the value, but I know these pieces go for a premium. The front bumper guards are also sought after and hard to find.

The bed wood is oak, and in very good shape. It is held down with polished stainless steel straps.

The doors on this truck open and close easily, and the body is super straight. Pay close attention to the pictures to see how beautifully the lines of this truck all flow together.

The wheels and tires are near new 18X8 100 spoke wire wheels wrapped with 255/55 18" Nitto tires. This set is worth over $1,000.

This Apache has many other exterior details but the pictures say more than words. I give you 10 pictures on this page, but if this is not enough for you just click here for another 65 pictures.

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