1972 - the year this truck rolled off the assembly line, these were the headlines:

  • Richard Milhous Nixon was president of the United States.
  • Average cost of new house $27,550.00.
  • Average income per year $11,800.00.
  • Average monthly rent $165.00.
  • Cost of a gallon of gas 55 cents!
  • The Watergate arrests opened the Nixon scandal.
  • The winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture was The Godfather.
  • Atari kicks off the first generation of video games with the release of PONG.

With that perspective we can better appreciate the classic character this truck represents. Chevy made history those years as well. When people describe a classic as “a piece of automotive history,” it is usually a nice way of classifying our old trucks. But in this case, it is actually true. Even though Blazers were first produced in 1969, the 2wd version did not go into production until 1970. And even then, GM only produced it in small numbers. In 1972 Chevrolet made only 3,357 factory 2wd Blazers. Again, in 1972 there were only 3,357 of these trucks made. You can only imagine how few are left today. With this Blazer you could own one of these rare and highly sought after trucks.

Honestly, every year I have owned this Blazer I have observed their value go up. From purists that like their truck as close to original as possible, to the custom cruisers that drop, bag, chop, notch, and/or channel their 2wd Blazers, it is incredibly unlikely that this truck will every lose value, instead it will likely continue to gain popularity and value even as they become more rare.

As far as customization, this truck is in a happy medium. Yes it is customized, but it follows the original styling cues from the factory. At the same time, the frame and dash have not been cut, so if you are a purist this Blazer could be returned to original if desired.

The history of this specific Blazer begins with the VIN. The VIN on this truck is CCE182F1XXXX. This gives us the following background:

  • “CC” – Chevrolet 2wd
  • “E” – V-8 Gasoline Engine
  • “1” – 1/2 Ton
  • “8” – Blazer/Utility
  • “2” – 1972 Model Year
  • “F” – Flint, Mich. Chevrolet Plant
  • “1XXXX” – Truck Serial Number

This Blazer came out of the factory painted Ochre. Somewhere along the line it was then painted red, and then white. I purchased this truck five years ago from a man (Mr. "T") in Dallas, TX. He explained to me that he had purchased this truck in 1998 from another person (Mr. "D") to restore it as a family weekend cruiser. Apparently Mr. "D" was the second owner of the truck, and had owned it for over 15 years. Mr. "T" owned an auto body shop and professionally restored the Blazer over several years. Since it was rust free from the beginning and was for the family, the end product came out very well with close attention paid to the details. I don't have any information about the Blazer from before about 1980, but it is safe to assume I am the 4th owner of the truck. You can be the 5th. I have some limited documentation of this history aside from Mr. "T"'s word, but nothing close to what many die hard collectors demand. I have the full name and information of Mr. “T,” but I'll keep that private for now.

When I bought it in 2003 I garaged it for a few months then began to build up on it. I bagged it, completely redid the interior, put new wheels on it, new sound system, and changed out the engine. I basically rebuilt the truck. I have over $33k  (with receipts) invested into it over the last five years. Due to housing issues I have to sell her now, for much less than what I have into it.

Since I want to as honest and straightforward as possible, I have to include a "list of problems" this truck has as well. This is the only logical place, so click HERE to see photos of each of these "imperfections." All of these issues are minor, cosmetic and easily taken care of. In fact I had orginally listed the truck for $27k, but knocked off $2k since the truck is not absolutely perfect. Together all of these problems can be taken care for much less than $1k (paying someone else to fix them). I'm really being honest when I say that this truck is truly in excellent shape, and to restore a vehicle to where this one is at right now would cost at least $40,000 (more in Southern California).

The truck is currently registered in California under my name and the tags are up to date. It is smog exempt of course, and it has the really nice personalized California license plates.