Even though Blazers were first produced in 1969, the 2wd version did not go into production until 1970. And even then, GM only produced it in small numbers. Jimmy's require a whole new set of information that I will add as I build up this webpage.

Since the run of these truck was so limited, Chevy would just badge them as "K5-Blazers", disregarding that the correct model designation would have been "C5-Blazer." Chevy trucks with 4wd were identified with a "K", 2wd trucks with a "C". Regular trucks were identified by the number "10" and Blazers by the number "5". For example:

  • K-10 = 4wd truck
  • C-10 = 2wd truck.
  • K-5 = 4wd Blazer
  • C-5 = 2wd Blazer (Even though they came badged as "K-5 Blazers.")

Front wheel disk brakes came only on 1971 and 1972 trucks. In 1970 they had drums all around.

The main differences between the 4wd and 2wd versions are the following:

  • All factory 2wd Blazers were built with trailing arms and coil spring suspension. 4wd's came with leaf springs.
  • The VIN numbers on 1970 and 1971 2wd's have a "C" as the first letter. In 1972 they first two letters are "CC". 4wd VINs started with a "K" or "CK" respectively.
  • There are differences in the shape of the frames in the two versions, aside from the suspension differences.
  • The 2wd’s came with a 5 on 5 bolt pattern, versus the 6 lug 4wd’s. The exception was in 1970. 1/2 ton 2wd trucks,Suburbans and Blazers were 6 lug in 1970. In 1971 when they went to disc brakes these changed to the 5 on 5 bolt pattern. (Thanks Tim for the info!)

There have been more people looking to do a 4x4 to 2x4 conversion on their Blazers. This is becoming more common because of the limited production numbers of 2x4's - 4x4's are more common and less expensive than factory 2x4's. The process is not too difficult, and you can find advice on this conversion on the 67-72 chevy trucks page.

There is a good summary of the "K5 Blazer" on Wikipedia. If for some reason the link does not work just search the title above on the site.

If you have more information that should be posted here please send it to me and I will add it over time. Thanks.

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