There is not very much information out there specific to 2wd Blazers, which is the reason I built this website. None-the-less these trucks are becoming increasingly popular every year. More people are converting their 4x4 Blazers into 2wd's since factory 2wd versions are so hard to come by.

Prices on these trucks have gone up significantly over the last 10 years. I've seen them go from $600.00 up to $45,000.00. It depends also on the condition of the truck and were it is for sale.

If you check out this link you can get a good idea of what other 2wd Blazer/Jimmy owners have done with their trucks. If you have one of these truck I highly recommend you become a member of the board.

If you are looking to buy a 2wd Blazer you should start searching with these links:

Make sure you take the time to look for rust on these truck. They were prone to rusting in the rocker (torsion) boxes (large rectangular boxes under the driver and passenger seats). These boxes are there to keep the body more stiff, especially important if you want to drive it with the top off. Also check the windshield frame, this is very important since it is an area hard to replace and/or fix. These are just two areas to check, but look carefully all around. If rust is present it definitely brings down the value of the truck.

Again, if there is something here that is missing send it to me and I will post it over time. Thanks.

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