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"For my oldie, I wanted someone who was going to be as excited as me, interested in maintaining the service that it needs, and knowledgeable about the originality of the classic. Most importantly, I needed someone that I could trust. Car connection has really come through for me in all of these areas and I have been able to develop confidence and reliance in their ability to master it all. I appreciate their acceptance and willingness to assist me and know that no one is better than the Car connection crew." - Ivy Westmoreland
"To the CAR Connection Familia, couldn't have done it without you!" - Xavier the X-Man
"Louie and Teresa, Mike thought you might like this picture for your collection!" - Gino and the Atomic Cowboys
"To: CAR Connection, Thanks for the help on my '64." - Derek Rector
"To Auto Connection, Many Thanks!! 32nd St. SAR Swimmers."

"I've brought all three of my classics to Car connection for serivce. Out of all of them my 72 Blazer has gone through the most major changes. I know it would not have been possible without the help of Big Louie, Lil' Louie and Bernie. Suspension, engine, wiring, custom fabrication - these guys pay super close attention to every detail and they treat you right." - El Simón


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