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1 - Troke '52
No doubt one of CAR connection's best projects.
2 - '51 Fleetline
A frame up restoration the CC crew is very proud of, it now belongs to Güero from Los Alacranes.
3 - X-Stilo Firme '63
Xavier the X-Man's '63 Impala Super Sport.
4 - '65 Impala Super Sport Convertible
This green beauty belongs to Lil' Louie from the CAR connection crew.
5 - '72 Cheyenne C-10 Truck
Dion's green powerhouse.
6 - '69 Camaro
This '69 has a major secret under its hood.
7 - '64 Convertible SS Impala
In progress full custom restoration of this 1964 convertible Super Sport Impala.
8 - '72 2wd C-5 Blazer
A rare convertible truck that got the CC treatment.
9 - '50 Fleetline
Ivy has been bringing her Fleetline to CC since the beginning.
10 - '64 C-10
This truck has some serious modifications and custom fabrication, all done at Car Connection.

Projects in Progress
These are unfinished and/or ongoing projects.
Special Engine Build Ups
Louie is a hot-rodder at heart, and serious engine build-ups are one of CAR connection's specialties.
Special Mods
Click here to see some work that the CAR connection crew has taken on that deserves its own special link.
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