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How she sits today... This '51 Fleetline was built by the CAR connection crew and the plan was to keep it within the family. Later, Güero from the band "Los Alacranes" took a serious interest in the '51 Fleetline, and now he cruises it as his daily driver.
This is how she started out her new life, taken off a dirt lot in Encanto, San Diego.
No chrome in sight.
Paint, and more paint.
Half way through the restoration, she takes a ride back to shop.

'51 Fleetline Overview:
1951 Chevrolet
Fleetline Deluxe
Engine: 235 Straight Six, with automatic cast iron Powerglide
Paint: Deep Sherwood with Gold Pearl
Interior: Designed by CAR connection, nagahyde 3-tone tuck and roll by Albert's Upholstery.
Mods: None, all original
History: Only known history is that it used to be called "Heinz '51"
Owner: Don "Güero" Knapp
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