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"TROKE 52". We'll be getting more pictures of this beautiful truck, but for now we can share these with you. She still is getting some details worked out, but is almost complete.

How she arrived at CAR connection.
How she looks today under the hood. A built 235 straight six.
Plenty of chrome.
The dash looks better than it did when she rolled off the assembly line in 1952.
Same goes for the interior.... Better than new in 1952. This custom interior work was designed by CAR connection.
A true classic '52.
She would not be complete without a mural under the hood.
The proud owner of "Troke 52" - Mr. Frank Martinez.

TROKE '52 Overview:
1952 Chevrolet Pickup
Model 3100
Engine: Built 235 Straight Six
Paint: '66 Corvette Blue with Micro Flake fenders by Mousey
Interior: Custom designed by Car connection
Mods: CAR connection full floating custom hydraulic suspension
History: Same owner for 22 years.
Owner: Frank Martinez
Other Information:
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